A woman’s resume, which highlighted her 13-year experience as a homemaker, has gained widespread attention on LinkedIn, going viral. Many people praised her for including her homemaking experience as a valuable aspect of her career history.

In an attempt to justify gaps in their employment history, individuals often add relevant activities or experiences they engaged in during their time away from work. The woman in question did just that. She explained the 13-year gap in her resume by listing her role as a homemaker and emphasizing the valuable skills and dedication she acquired during this period.

Homemaker CV

Yugansh Chokra, the founder of the content marketing company Growthic, shared the woman’s resume on LinkedIn and remarked on how it made her stand out. He further expressed admiration for the resume, acknowledging that managing a family is a significant responsibility that should not be undervalued. He highlighted that, in India, only a small percentage of women work in a professional capacity, and gender gaps in housework participation persist, especially among couples with children. Chokra posed a question to his audience, seeking their thoughts on this type of resume.

The shared resume reveals that the woman left her last job in July 2009, where she was responsible for the recruitment process. Currently, she is a homemaker with 13 years of expertise in efficiently managing her home.

Since its posting on LinkedIn two days ago, the article has garnered over 500 reactions and numerous shares. Many people expressed their opinions in the comments section:

  • One individual acknowledged that managing a household is indeed a full-time job and appreciated the highlighting of this experience on the resume. Chokra responded, recognizing the challenges associated with this role.
  • Another commenter praised the inclusion of “Homemaker” as a valuable experience and commended the person’s open-mindedness in recognizing and adding qualitative value to what is often overlooked and considered a minimal task by society.
  • A third person was impressed by the woman’s authenticity and confidence in putting her homemaking experience on her resume, stating that homemakers possess essential skills such as time management, decision-making, inventory management, and agility. They emphasized that homemaking is a round-the-clock job with few leaves or holidays.
  • One individual stressed the need for recognition of the homemaking job, while another inquired whether the woman was hired or rejected due to lack of relevant experience. Chokra clarified that she was overqualified for their company and beyond their budget.

Overall, the woman’s resume generated significant discussion and appreciation for recognizing the value and skills acquired through the role of a homemaker. It shed light on the importance of acknowledging homemaking as a meaningful and demanding profession.

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