How to post free jobs on LinkedIn

Hello guys, Welcome to my blog! In this article, I will explain in 5 easy steps how to post jobs free on LinkedIn.

There are so many job listing platforms to attract potential candidates for a job but LinkedIn beat every competitor due to its unique features. And free job posting on LinkedIn is one of those outstanding specifications.

LinkedIn has been the social media platform for professionals for over 20 years, and there are 800 million users on it. This is the world’s leading job platform for both employees and employers.

post free jobs on LinkedIn

Like every social media site, LinkedIn has free and premium versions. Any user can try LinkedIn Premium for free for a month.

This blog is related to employers, and I am explaining how to post a free job on LinkedIn for a company page.

Step 1: Sign In on LinkedIn

First of all, you need to visit and click on sign in from your computer or laptop if you already have an account, if not you have to create an account after clicking on sign up. You can easily sign up, like on other social media platforms, by providing key pieces of information.

Step 2: Click on the job Icon (Ln> For Business> post a job for free)

Once you are signed in, hover your cursor right over your profile picture and click on For Business. You will see a drop-down menu with several applications. Out of those, you need to click on Post a Job for Free.

Click on it.

You will be redirected to LinkedIn’s Job Posting Page, where you need to put key information according to your job information.

  • Put a job title
  • Select a company
  • Select work type
  • Enter job location
  • Choose job type

Once you are done filling out this information, click on Start Job Posting.

Step 3: How to Add Job Details and Skills on LinkedIn Job Posting

delete promoted linkedin job posting

After clicking on the Start job posting, you will get another page. On this page, you have to fill out the job descriptions carefully. Because you must be targeting talented candidates, you must use the targeted keywords and highlight them while formatting.

Insert the responsibilities in bulletins and it should be crisp and clear and easy to read for the applicants.

You can follow these steps for writing a job description:

  • Write a paragraph to introduce yourself and your company
  • Write an overview of the job and type of job
  • Basic qualifications
  • Education qualifications
  • Skills required
  • Good to have skills
  • Role and responsibilities
  • Compensation range

Note: Avoid mentioning work visa, gender, or anything that provokes descrimination.

You can Preview the job ad or press Continue when you’re ready.

Add Skills in the LinkedIn job posting

After filling in the job descriptions, you must fill in the important skills from the job descriptions. That will help your job posting attract high-quality candidates. You should use a maximum of 10 keywords to make your job more visible to the applicants.
You can opt whether you want to receive applications by email or external website.
I suggest using “by email“. This is because, if you accept applications from external websites, then you can’t ask/attach screening questions,

Step 4: How to Add Screening Questions LinkedIn Job Post

It is completely optional but it is really helpful if you are hiring for a niche skill.

You should follow these steps to add screening questions:

  1. Log In: Sign in to your LinkedIn account.
  2. Find the Job Post: Look for the “Jobs” section and click “Post a Job.”
  3. Give Job Details: Tell about the job – what it’s called, where it is, what the job involves, and other important stuff.
  4. Ask Questions: In the “Screening Questions” part, put questions to ask people who want the job.
  5. Type the Questions: Write the questions you want to ask clearly and about the job skills.
  6. Pick Question Type: Choose how people can answer: choose from options, say yes or no, or write a short answer.
  7. Write Answer Choices (if needed): If you ask a question with choices, write the choices people can pick.
  8. Choose if Answers are a Must: Decide if people must answer the question or not.
  9. Add More Questions (if you want): Put more questions if you have more things to ask.
  10. Check and Share: Before showing others, make sure everything looks good.
  11. See How It Looks: Look at a preview to check how others will see it.
  12. Make It Live: If everything’s good, put it out there for people to see.
  13. Check for Applications: When people want the job, you can see their answers to your questions. It helps you choose the best people.

You can ask several questions like candidate qualifications, or ask any skill. In the Quality Section, you can select such resumes to filter and directly send them a rejection mail who didn’t qualify for screening questions.

Click continue.

Step 5: Click “Post”

Now you have 2 choices. You can opt for promoted job posting or select for free job posting.

Benefits of promoted job posting by Linkedin

  • It allows you to reach a maximum number of candidates according to your budget
  • Get listed on the company’s page and search results
  • Recommended to candidates who match your skills and location requirements
  • Send instant mobile alerts to qualified candidates in your location
  • Get notified when a qualified candidate applies

Benefits of Posting a Job on Linkedin

Reaching More People: Get your job noticed by a lot of potential candidates from all over.
Finding the Right People: Connect with those who have the skills you’re looking for.
Getting Seen: Your job ad will be seen by people looking for jobs on LinkedIn.
Looking Trustworthy: Because you’re using LinkedIn, people will trust your job ad more.
Connect with people: You can make more professional friends by talking to people interested in your job.
Applying Easily: People can easily apply for the job using their LinkedIn profile or resume.
Knowing What’s Happening: You can see how many people are looking at your job ad and how many are applying.


Does LinkedIn allow free job postings?

You have the option to publish a complimentary job listing or elevate your job by extending its visibility to a larger pool of well-suited candidates. Unpaid job listings remain active for 21 days from the date of posting. Members have the capacity to submit a single free job listing concurrently, with a restricted number of free job listings allowed within a 30-day timeframe.

How many free jobs can you post on LinkedIn?

Only one free job post can be active simultaneously.

Why can’t I post free jobs on Linkedin?

LinkedIn allows only one free job posting. If you want to post more jobs then you have to pay for it.


The free LinkedIn Job posting is the best platform to attract potential candidates. If you are a beginner then I would suggest free LinkedIn job posting over-promoted or paid job postings.

Once you gain some experience and know how it works, according to your hiring needs, you can switch to a promoted job posting, and you can cancel the job posting at any time. I hope you have learned how to post a job on LinkedIn.

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