LinkedIn Candidate Search: Sourcing Candidates Through LinkedIn with CONSISTENCY!

Are you looking for a way to get rid of a LinkedIn recruiter? Are you looking for ways to maybe just source candidates in general by leveraging LinkedIn? By the end of this blog, I’m going to share three strategies that I use that my clients use to generate and source candidates on LinkedIn with consistency.

Now what I’m about to share with you is the exact same strategies that I’ve used to attract candidates to business and for the best online marketing and lead generation advice specifically for the staffing and recruiting space.

So LinkedIn candidate search, obviously we don’t need to sell you here on why it’s a great place to source candidates but being that it’s a great place to source candidates.

Everybody’s using the same strategy and the main strategy that everyone is using is through LinkedIn recruiter which is incredibly expensive but it’s you know obviously it’s expensive for a reason and it’s a tool that works.

I’m not here to say that the LinkedIn recruiter tool doesn’t work but there’s also better ways to do it and other ways to do it so one of those ways is rather than one of the things I  don’t really like about LinkedIn recruiters that you get an Inmail and an inmail every time I personally receive.

An Inmail, I’m getting either pitch to job or I’m getting sold something so I think that’s always working against and so I think, most there’s a lot of other people that I have the same feeling as I do, and that’s just my story but the same feeling as I do and I see something coming in I don’t want to be sold right now.

LinkedIn Candidate Search

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So the way to actually open  somebody up is actually to connect with them and so that’s the first thing is rather than  just sending out cold emails and or called inmails to people, reach out and connect and add  those people to your network.

You’ll have a much better response from that individual and then once you actually connect with them now you’ve opened up your ability to send them messages through messenger campaigns.

Follow Up

The first way I recommend is that you follow up and send them a message at the very least the day after you connect with them but don’t pitch your job yet just introduce yourself.

Then a couple of days after that, that’s when you might want to come into and sell them on the opportunity.

The next tip is once you connect with them and you add them to the network and then you start to message and engage with them.

Send Voice Notes

Don’t pitch right away the next tip is to show up different and what I mean by this is that there’s an opportunity to send people videos through LinkedIn very easily and there’s an opportunity now through your phone to send them a voice note and so a lot of it with being a recruiter.

Knowing that a lot of your markets and more in some markets than others, you’re talking about people who are getting recruited often in some cases.

And so how do I cut through the noise well I got to show up and be different I got to know you know and there’s a lot of other things that you can work on with your positioning but ultimately if you send a voice note rather than just sending another generic written message you might get the attention from that prospect and you might even get at least the response that you’re looking for.

Send Videos

Video is the best thing to do and one of the tips and one of the things we do  you know that my clients do is basically we will record their LinkedIn profile  and we’ll send them a video and give them a quick little introduction of ourselves

And you know, who’s not going to open up a video that has a picture of them and their LinkedIn profile on it.  

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So that’s another little cool strategy that you can use.

The last one is being willing to go a little bit more all-in on the promotion of the roles that you have.

And by doing more video type of posting, I know many people will just do a generic post like ‘hey you got a new software engineer role in California, reach out if you’re interested.’  

There’s just a lot more opportunity than doing those generic things like that and video is one of those things that does two things.

So first and foremost it’s not so much to source somebody for that specific role it’s just really to build your brand around the type of recruiter you are.

Let people get to know your personality and if that role’s not a fit they may reach out in the future. 

But what you’ll find if you show up with great energy and you do these things consistently is that you’re going to get good quality people to reach out to you.

That may or may not be a fit for that specific role but will be in other roles.

So it’s much different than an ad this is more of you connecting with your audience by sharing your role by having excitement around your role and the consistency of that is where people are really going to start to know you.

As being the expert recruiter in that space if you start to do similar type of roles so those are the three tips that I have that you can do for sourcing on Linkedin outside of the traditional Inmail method.

So again just to kind of recap for you really focus on connecting and building your network with your candidate before you know kind of sell them on the job.

Just send them more of a generic uh connection message and welcome and thank you for their message to get their guard down and then consent in next step was our next tip was to consider using either the LinkedIn messaging feature or the video options that are out there and send people video or messages through the phone and then the last one was going all-in on video on the actual platform on the feed to promote the roles.

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